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This privacy policy describes the way Morrow (Morrow B.V.) is responsible for processing your personal information.

Personal information processed by Morrow

Morrow only processes personal information if you use our services and/or if you provide them to us willingly. The personal information we process after you provide it to us through a form on our website, or through cookies we may place are described below:

With what purpose and legal grounds does Morrow process your information?

Morrow only processes personal information for the following goals: we analyse your browser/device and device type to be able to present our website in the way that it’s intended for the device you use to visit our website. We process your name, phone number, email address and in some cases the pages visited on to adequately respond to a contact request, or to send you the relevant newsletters if applicable.

Automated decision making

Morrow does not take decisions with major impact on individuals, based on automated processes. However, we do use an automated system that, based on the page you’re visiting while asking us to call you, notifies the right person. This is so we can make sure the person who calls you, actually is the one involved with the subject or page you’re interested in.

For how long does Morrow store personal information?

Morrow does not save personal information any longer than absolutely necessary to fulfil the goals for which the information was stored in the first place.

With whom does Morrow share personal information?

Under no circumstances does Morrow sell your information to third parties. We only provide information to other parties if this is required by law, or because doing so is needed to be able to fulfil an agreement between you and Morrow. Any organisation that processes information for Morrow has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Morrow. This is to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your information. Morrow B.V. remains responsible for the processing of this information. Besides this, the last octet of your IP-adres is anonymised, and we do not share information with other services of Google.

Cookies / related techniques used by Morrow on

Morrow uses both analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a text file placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit, and agreed to our privacy-policy through the privacy-notice on our website. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website, and for your ease of use. They make sure our website works and behaves as it should, and may remember your preferences like your language. We may use these to optimise our website.

The information that becomes available to us through these cookies (like the amount of times our website is visited, and what pages are visited the most), are completely anonymised. We also use a cookie when you request us to contact you, or when you subscribe to our newsletter. We use this cookie to associate the pages you visit on to your personal information, so we can contact you in a relevant and adequate way. An example of this is that the one who calls you back, actually was involved with the project or page you would like to know more about.

Analytical cookies that analyse general trends on our website are used when you visit our website. These are required for making sure our website works properly. Cookies that are placed by our contact system are placed after you’ve explicitly agreed to this through the privacy-notice at If you’ve previously agreed and wish to withdraw this permission, click here.


If you’re under the age of 16, you may only use our website under the supervision of your parents or legal representatives.

Viewing, editing or deleting your information.

You have the right to view, edit or delete your information. Besides this, you also have the right to withdraw your permission for the processing of your personal information by Morrow. You also have the right of transferring your personal information.

You may request a copy of your personal information we possess to be sent to you or a third party of your choosing in digital form. You can send your request for viewing, transferring, correcting or deleting your personal information, or your objection / withdrawal of permission in regards to Morrow processing your information to

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll find an unsubscribe link as well as a link to edit your information below every single email you receive from us, including the initial opt-in confirmation. If you’ve saved none of these emails, you can send us a request as described in the previous paragraph, or wait for another newsletter.

To ensure you’re actually the person who’s making a request in regards to your information, please send a copy of your ID along with your request. Be sure to black out your photo, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone, the line of numbers on the bottom of your passport), passport number and citizen service number (in the Netherlands that’s your BSN). We will respond as soon as possible, at most within 4 weeks. If you have any questions or suspect that your information is used inappropriately, please let us know through If after this, we can’t come to a solution together, please mind that you have the right to file a complaint with the national authority (which in the Netherlands is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.

How Morrow ensures the security of your information.

Morrow takes the protection of your information very seriously and takes several fitting precautions to prevent abuse, loss, illegal access or unwanted publication / editing of your personal information. If you are under the impression that your information is not properly secured or if there are signs of abuse, please contact us through

Contact information:

You can find Morrow at Westblaak 122A, 3012KM in Rotterdam. You can also reach us through or by calling us at +31 (0) 10 846—6385.

Last changed: 15th of May, 2023.

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