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UX designer

32h or 40h p/w

The struggle is real. Talent abounds. But we’re not just looking for ‘a’ talent. We’re looking for ‘the’ talent. Do you live and breathe User Experience? Is creating groundbreaking digital products and services a way of life for you? Then we’ll get along swimmingly.

(Yeah, we know we’re asking for a lot – but, heck, you gotta aim high and reach for the WOW! You’ll see what we mean…)

At Morrow, there’s never a dull moment. One day you could be working feverishly on the 9292 app interface, and the next, you may find yourself conducting research and service design for a Dutch national park. But the same week you could also bebe designing interactive experiences for STAM museum in Ghent.
Varied? Eclectic? Stimulating? Hells-to-the-yes on all three counts. Every. Single. Day.

At Morrow we don’t just edge toward the border: we cross it with confidence. That’s why we need someone that’s comfortable with ambiguity. Who understands and embraces the latest design patterns… but is equally adept at casting those patterns aside and forging a totally new and innovative interface.

When working on projects you know how to connect all touchpoints and can design and monitor the interaction between brand, product, and user. You have a strong foundation in digital interfaces (website and apps), but are also a confident researcher; who can develop a customer journey with flair and finesse.

You’ll need…

We offer…

So far, so good? Cool.

But who the heck are we to be calling all the shots? Why should you — with your oodles of talent and wealth of experience — choose to bestow your gifts upon us?

At Morrow we’re a passionate team of curious people poised for the next adventure and united by a common goal to create WOW! work.


So whatcha say? We’d love to see what you’re about — so please ping us a resume, cover letter, and portfolio; and we’ll see how things shake out.


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