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Graphic designer

32h or 40h p/w

Hey you!

Ready to flex some super-strong creative muscles? How'd you like to join Morrow? Yup, we're hiring - we need some more talented people to infuse even more WOW! into The Creative Club.

Happy you found us! Let's see if we're on the same level of what we're looking for. Currently we are searching for a medior graphic / visual designer with a background in brand and digital design (hopefully that's you). To top that off, preferably with steady motion skills. You're someone who is able to set a strong foundation for a concept from scratch and is able to work towards a WOW! end result. Besides working on your own, you're an incredible team player. This matches our manifest: one team, because none of us is as good as all of us ;). 

Long story short: we're looking for a medior! It would be great if you had a couple of years experience as a visual designer who is ready for the next best thing. Let us know it's you we're looking for (music note)

Where do you end up working? With a passionate team of curious people, always ready for the next adventure. United by a common goal to create WOW! work what lets you score. With this team we work on a broad variety of projects. One day you work on an identity for an African media house to ensure that a younger generation feels addressed. Or you design a sleek designed interface for the 9292-app so everybody turns on time at the office. Or you design the coolest motion graphics for a platform about online sexual abuse. Did I mention we're working on a diverse variety of projects already?!

These projects are based on three pillars: Brand, Digital and Activations. As a designer you determine the course for the brand pillar; of course in line with the ten rules of the game, our manifest. We love to see you grow, there is a lot of room for initiative to further improve the quality in all areas.

You’ll need…

We offer…

So far, so good? Cool.

But who the heck are we to be calling all the shots? Why should you — with your oodles of talent and wealth of experience — choose to bestow your gifts upon us?

At Morrow we’re a passionate team of curious people poised for the next adventure and united by a common goal to create WOW! work.


So whatcha say? We’d love to see what you’re about — so please ping us a resume, cover letter, and portfolio; and we’ll see how things shake out.


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