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3D graphics/motion designer

32h or 40h p/w

We’re on the hunt for a talented and curious designer who specialises in 3D motion graphics. Our special someone must also know their way around Cinema4D and have an eye for composition, colour and design. They should be able to make a wide variety of designs come to life with uninhibited creativity and silky smooth animations! Experience with generative design, Redshift and/or V—Ray is a bonus.

So, are you shouting at your screen yelling that this is you? Then it sounds like you’re part of our club. Here at Morrow you’ll find yourself amidst a really cool, sociable bunch of people. We’re a club of creatives who ultimately strive for perfection, willing to complete every project with nothing less than a ‘WOW!’. We always want to make an impact and to do so we push ourselves to get the best, every damn day.

Next to your work as a 3D motion designer, you’ll always get enough room for personal growth. On top of that, we’ll encourage you to express your unfeigned opinion during current project activities; we thrive on that as a team. In this group, we hope you’ll contribute on a creative as well as a strategic level (because maybe you’ve got something up your sleeve that we’ve not thought about — in fact, we hope so). We’re in this together, so if you grow, we all grow as a club, and we don’t think things can get better than that.

So what type of cool projects would you be getting stuck into? Well, our projects are vast and varied and always with a special twist. One day you can be working on overhauling the brand identity for a media house in Africa. The next week you could be designing a sleek interface design for the 9292 travel app. Or just perhaps, you’ll be creating awesome motion graphics for a brand new, genius sneaker product. We did mention that we’re vast and varied, didn’t we?

You’ll need…

We offer…

So far, so good? Cool.

But who the heck are we to be calling all the shots? Why should you — with your oodles of talent and wealth of experience — choose to bestow your gifts upon us?

At Morrow we’re a passionate team of curious people poised for the next adventure and united by a common goal to create WOW! work.


So whatcha say? We’d love to see what you’re about — so please ping us a resume, cover letter, and portfolio; and we’ll see how things shake out.


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