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We created a digital experience that resonates with the youth

Annually, around 100,000 young individuals face the challenges of online sexual abuse, including sextortion, grooming, and unsolicited sexting. The rise in these incidents is alarming. The stigma, guilt, and fear associated with these experiences often deter the youth from seeking help

We focussed on a mobile experience, but the desktop version is also pretty nice

At Morrow, we prioritize understanding and collaboration. We engage directly with young people to determine the most effective ways to discuss these sensitive subjects. Our approach is rooted in open dialogue and co-creation, ensuring that our initiatives resonate deeply with the youth

In partnership with a group of insightful young individuals who led the decision-making process—from the design and naming to the conceptual framework—we launched WTFFF!?

The outcome? A remarkable success. With an average engagement of over 10 minutes on our platform and reaching millions of young people, WTFFF!? stands as a testament to the power of youth—led innovation and the impact of listening to and empowering the younger generation

In collaboration with

Q42, Willie Wartaal, Joep LeBlanc, Jonas Devacht, Dzifa Kusenuh

Winner of many awards

2x Lovie, The FWA, AWWWARDS, Dutch Design Awards, Webby Awards

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