Ultimaker. Innovate everyday

Ultimaker’s brand now stands as a symbol for innovation in 3D printing, blending digital distribution with local manufacturing. It’s all about transformation — from a simple square to a perfect circle, mirroring the journey from idea to finished product. This visual metaphor, a nod to the printer’s build chamber, captures the essence of creation: endless possibilities starting from nothing

The design strategy introduced unique infill patterns, each reflecting a specific printing technique. This approach not only highlights Ultimaker’s technical prowess but also infuses an artistic touch into the brand’s identity. It’s a celebration of the blend between function and form, where each pattern tells a story of precision and creativity

With a dynamic identity at its core, Ultimaker’s branding is both consistent and flexible. It’s crafted to shine across different media, adapting to various needs while maintaining a coherent look. This strategic move ensures Ultimaker’s message of innovation and reliability is communicated clearly, no matter the platform. It’s a bold step towards redefining the future of manufacturing, making it accessible, efficient, and above all, artistic

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