Children Book Museum. Story tent

For the Children’s Book Museum, we embraced the challenge of blending reading with interactive tech. Our goal? To magnify the joy and impact of stories through dynamic audio—visual experiences. We focused on making this tech adaptable, ensuring it could enrich any story while staying universally inviting for kids

Drawing inspiration from timeless wooden blocks, we crafted a space where imagination reigns supreme. The design allows children worldwide to dive into stories, using simple elements that spark creativity. Our approach was to create a versatile backdrop that could shift with each tale, making every reading a unique adventure

The heart of our design lies in the use of color, light, and projection to transform the environment. This setup invites kids to explore and interact at their own pace, offering a layered experience that’s as enriching as it is entertaining. It’s a testament to how thoughtful design can turn reading into an immersive journey, making every visit to the museum a new discovery

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