City Museum Ghent Sta.M

In redesigning Sta.M, we mixed the old with the new, making history pop in a modern setting. Glass showcases and iPads make the past approachable, turning every visit into a deep dive into Ghent’s story. It’s all about showing off the city’s layers in a fresh way

We teamed up with Kinkorn to make this journey through time really stand out. From the get—go, visitors are pulled into Ghent’s ongoing tale. It’s more than a walk through history; it’s an interactive adventure. The setup we chose makes sure of that, blending multimedia with hands—on features to keep everyone engaged

Our approach was to let the building’s charm and stories speak for themselves, without any extra fuss. The design is clean and clear, making sure nothing gets in the way of the experience. It’s all about connecting people with the past, in a space where every detail adds to the story

In collaboration with

Kinkorn and Create

Photography by

Phile Deprez

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