Beam. Screw it in and have fun

We transformed a simple concept into a dynamic platform for creativity and connection. Imagine turning any flat surface into a vast canvas for ideas and images. Beam does just that. It’s not just a projector; it’s a beacon of innovation, blending robust technology with elegant design

Launching on Kickstarter in February 2016, Beam shattered records, becoming the most celebrated Dutch Kickstarter campaign. We didn’t just meet our initial goal; we soared to 400% of our target, backed by nearly 2,000 backers. By the close of 2015, the first Beam units were making their way to our supporters, setting the stage for a new era in smart, integrated living spaces

Morrow’s signature was all over this achievement. We were the architects behind the product's design, the user experience, and the narrative that captivated hearts and minds. Crafting Beam was more than a project—it was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the endless possibilities of design

Award winner

Red Dot, iF Awards, European Design Awards

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