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Memories are our greatest treasures that you want to relive sometimes

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“We often associate nostalgic moments with sight, but it is in the subtle encounters with smells that let us rewind time with mindful images.”  

Nhat Vo • Minimalissimo

We set out to create scents that one could consciously connect to an important moment. For that we chose three different emotional states: Playful, Intimate and Healing. For the creation of the scents we worked closely together with perfumers and fragrance specialists of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). Ingredients were chosen based on their emotional connectivity in order to create the perfect scent to capture a memory within that particular emotional state.

For the visual identity we got inspired by the frequency range of every state. Colours were chosen based on their correlating frequencies and patterns were created using a research technique to map out acoustics.

The final product is a limited edition range of the three sets: Playful, Intimate and Healing. Each set contains a perfume dispenser to capture the moment and a porcelain oil flask and diffuser to relive the moment.

Revivre. Relive the moment.

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