Revivre. Relive your memory

Revivre brings the past to life through scent. Teaming up with perfumers and fragrance experts at IFF, we captured the essence of playfulness, intimacy, and healing. Each scent, crafted from ingredients with emotional resonance, is a bridge to cherished memories

We often associate nostalgic moments with sight, but it is in the subtle encounters with smells that let us rewind time with mindful images — Nhat Vo, Author at Minimalissimo

The design sings in harmony with the scents. Inspired by the unique frequency of each emotional state, we chose colors and patterns that echo their vibrations. Its not just a scent; its an experience, visualized

With Revivre, you get more than just a fragrance. Each set — Playful, Intimate, Healing — includes a perfume dispenser and a porcelain oil flask and diffuser. Its a tangible way to hold onto and revisit those fleeting moments. Revivre isnt just about smelling good; its about feeling every memory

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