Adyen. An interactive playground

We crafted an immersive experience for Adyen’s annual gathering, transforming it into a vibrant interactive playground. This wasn’t just an event; it was a confluence of innovation, where the luminaries from diverse brands came together to delve into the latest offerings from Adyen

Morrow translated our design brief in a beautiful way. Getting from an initial idea to the actual execution was done well and their level of commitment is out of this world! — Jeroen de Lange, VP design at Adyen

Our vision was to bring Adyen’s groundbreaking products to life in a way that was not just informative but delightfully engaging. Imagine a space where the digital and physical realms merge, allowing you to experience the future of commerce in the most engaging way possible

The magic of the event lay not just in its components but in the experiences it fostered. Skeptics might wonder, ’A ball pit at a professional gathering?’ Yet, it became a space of uninhibited joy, with guests diving in, reluctant to leave, a testament to the event's success in breaking the conventional barriers of engagement

At Morrow, we don’t just design events; we create experiences that linger, making every interaction a story worth sharing. This project for Adyen was a celebration of innovation, engagement, and the joyous intersections of technology and play

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