Create selfies, without filters

Boothclub Amsterdam redefines the selfie experience, offering a genuine moment of self—expression. Here, in the heart of the Boothclub’s dock, you’re invited to step into an analog photo booth and capture your essence, unfiltered. It’s not just a photo; it’s a celebration of authenticity

Raamsteeg 2 in Amsterdam

In an era where social media often distorts self—perception with digital enhancements, Boothclub Amsterdam stands as a beacon of realness. We understand the impact of these filtered realities on youth, undermining self—love and fostering insecurity. By returning to the roots of photography, Boothclub Amsterdam turns the narrative on its head

The red windows are a reference to a photography darkroom

From the get—go, Boothclub Amsterdam has been a phenomenon. Without a whisper of traditional marketing, just its cutting—edge brand identity, it has drawn crowds, queuing up to rediscover their natural beauty. It’s a testament to the craving for genuine connections and the power of simplicity

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