9292. Dutch public transport app

In our mission to deepen connections with travelers and pave the way for future explorations, 9292 entrusted us to craft their revolutionary app. Our objective was crystal clear: to forge an intuitive, distraction—free journey from A to B, ensuring seamless navigation for every user

Your personal start screen with the info you need

Photography by Parlor

The result? A triumph, with the app now a staple on millions of devices, facilitating daily adventures. It’s clear evidence of success, with 9292 becoming the go—to travel companion for over a million users daily, outshining even the tech giants. Sorry Google

Our approach embraced the diversity of travelers. For the everyday commuter seeking solitude, 9292 intuitively suggests your preferred train from a quieter station. For those who find travel overwhelming, it prioritizes routes that offer comfort over speed, steering clear of the hustle during peak times. With each use, the app evolves, tailoring its interface to display not just the nearest, but the most dependable options for your journey


European Design Awards, iF awards, Red Dot Award

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