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WTFFF!? wins the Dutch Design Awards 2022, two Lovies and many more awards

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the Dutch Design Awards 2022 for our groundbreaking project, WTFFF!? The project was developed in collaboration with Fonds Slachtofferhulp, a Dutch victim support organization, and was designed to address a challenging and loaded topic with a vibe and visuals that hit the bullseye.

Victim support fund

An experience with unacceptable online sexual behaviour as topic

Case Naming Tone of voice Visual identity Motion design Website

If you’re trying to vibe with Gen—Z, collaborate with them.

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What the jury said about it.

Victim Support Fund and Morrow straight up killed it with their project WTFFF!?, connecting with young peeps and tackling a tough and loaded topic like bosses. Victim Support Fund kept it low—key as the client, letting WTFFF!? be a platform for and by young people. And get this, some of the victims even recorded their own stories, which gives it that raw and real vibe. That kind of direct, genuine engagement sends a powerful message that this is a safe space. And it's obvious from the huge number of visitors and the time they spend on the site that it's totally hitting the mark. The design and production are top—notch, from the sick sound design to the dope motion graphics. The end result is a vibe and visual language that hits the spot perfectly.

Victim Support Fund and Morrow are killing it with their project WTFFF!?, making a loaded topic talkable with a vibe and visuals that hit the bullseye. It’s seriously impressive how they’re making it happen!

The project was a true team effort, and we are incredibly proud of the creativity, skill, and dedication that went into it. We worked closely with Victim Support Fund and Q42 (Hack the Planet) to create a platform that would make it easier for young people to talk about 'online sexual harassment' and create a safe space for them to share their stories.

Our design approach was innovative and engaging, combining sound design, motion graphics, and authentic, direct stories from victims. The result was a project that effectively communicated a powerful message and created a meaningful impact.

Winning the Dutch Design Awards 2022 is a tremendous honour and a true recognition of our team’s exceptional work. We hope this recognition will inspire other designers to think outside the box and use their skills to create meaningful and impactful work.

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